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Who We are

Naadi Vascular and Interventional Center is the first outpatient center in Oklahoma City dedicated to vascular and interventional radiology.


What We Do

Our mission is to improve the daily lives of our patients’ by utilizing a comprehensive treatment method.

Where we work

We are located at 1 NW 64th Street in Oklahoma City, OK.



From the first call or visit, Naadi Healthcare works with patients and providers to provide the most optimal healthcare in a timely and convenient manner. We also understand the need for prompt scheduling from referring providers, and as a result, we pride ourselves in the ability to schedule patients within 24 hours, depending on patient availability.


Naadi Healthcare is a free standing independent facility easily accessible by two major freeways, which provides a convenient no hassle alternative to traditional healthcare facilities.

High Quality Healthcare

At Naadi Healthcare we use the latest procedures and multistep diagnoses to provide accurate and high quality healthcare. We are focused on the latest proven treatments using minimally invasive procedures as an alternative to surgery, in order to reduce patient risk and recovery time. This allows patients to be discharged with no overnight stays.

Personalized Patient Experience

Through personalized healthcare we improve the patient experience and increase patient engagement. In today’s healthcare environment, in which patients’ ownership of their health and outcomes is increasingly essential we customize care and motivate patients to become active participants in their health journeys.

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1 NW 64th Street 73116 Oklahoma City, OK
About Us
Our mission at Naadi Healthcare is to improve the daily lives of our patients’ by utilizing a comprehensive treatment method accompanied by clinical excellence and an unparalleled patient service. The premier outpatient Vascular and Interventional Center in Oklahoma.
Monday-Friday : 7 A.M. – 5 P.M.