Limb Salvage

Naadi Healthcare is Oklahoma City’s first outpatient facility dedicated to preventing lower extremity amputations in patients with diabetes or other vascular pathologies. Our team of specialists provide limb-saving procedures and the newest vascular rescue therapies for patients with complex wounds or severe ischemia.

Interventional radiologists play a critical role in evaluating a patient’s unique circumstance when developing a treatment plan for limb salvage.

With this in mind, interventional radiologists can set clear treatment goals and expectations. Naadi Healthcare specializes in treating patients with peripheral vascular problems or ischemia who are at high risk of amputation.

Most patients come to us after initial wound management by primary care physicians, podiatrists, or other specialists. Some have received this care in wound healing centers while others come from an emergency department.

The common denominator in these high-risk patients is a worsening, non-healing, and/or infected wounds.

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About Us

Our mission at Naadi Healthcare is to improve the daily lives of our patients’ by utilizing a comprehensive treatment method accompanied by clinical excellence and an unparalleled patient service.

The premier outpatient Vascular and Interventional Center in Oklahoma.


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